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Finding a Loan Consultant

What to look for in finding a loan consultant?

Are you struggling to find the right home loan? Do you have a situation that requires expert knowledge to simplify the #lendingexperience? Navigating loans can be tricky, finding a guide to walk you through with a no-nonsense approach is imperative. Time is also of the essence, so working with a #loanexpert that will cut to the chase and #workefficiently is of the utmost importance.

Look at loan consultants' track record - what percentage of funding have they completed for their clients?

It's important to ask the following questions when finding a #loanconsultant:

1. What's your track record? That's always a tell-tale sign of any legitimate company, therefore ask the question of your loan consultant, "What percentage of funding have they completed for their clients?"

2. How many years experience do you have? In the loan industry, having #experience is what sets apart a good loan consultant with a great one! If you were climbing Mount Everest, you'd want a guide that's got the most experience to get you there in one piece. With buying a home, which is a significant feat in itself, you want a loan consultant with experience to navigate a smooth journey to the top.

3. What kind of lending sources do you have? Experience alone is not enough, you also want someone who's well connected and has various lending sources. Are they a direct lender or just a mortgage broker. If both they'll have more access to a larger pool of funding (#connections).

4. How much in loans have you closed? Sometime it just comes down to the bottom line and so it's important to ask the question, "How much, roughly, have you helped clients close over the years in dollar amount?" If they can answer this question, they're an established #seniorconsultant that's done the work.

5. What kind of services do you provide? Find the home loan that's right for you. Not all lenders service #VAloans (for Veterans) or some are just local lenders, not nationwide. Find out exactly what services your loan consultant can do.

Why choose the MacFarlane Team?


As one of Caliber Home Loans' #topmortgagelenders, Diana MacFarlane and Team are clearly doing something to differentiate themselves from other home loan consultants in Santa Barbara and in the nation. Their secret is a genuine interest in people. Technological innovations are great, but the MacFarlane Team believe they can never replace face-to-face communication which has earned them a consistent track record of funding 95-97% of all loans for their clients.

Experience: 33 years in the mortgage business has earned Diana MacFarlane and Team the experience it takes to consistently be effective home loan consultants. Standing as a testament to their excellence are the over 3 BILLION dollars in loans they have helped their clients close (#3billion).


The MacFarlane Team is a direct lender as well as a mortgage broker. Which gives them access to several different lending sources as well as working as the middleman between you and the bank.   Services: Purchase Loans #purchaseloans Refinance Loans #refinanceloans VA loans #valoans National loans in all 50 states #nationwidelender

Work with one of #SantaBarbara's Top Mortgage Lenders, Diana MacFarlane and her Team who have the expertise, connections and track record for a world-class mortgage experience.


Senior Loan Consultant |

Caliber Home Loans

T: (805) 886-8269

F: (844) 546-2412

A: 1224  Coast Village Cir. #24 | 

Santa Barbara CA 93108 

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