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About Diana MacFarlane

Diana MacFarlane, the best home loan consultant in Santa Barbara

As one of Caliber Home Loan’s best mortgage lenders, Diana MacFarlane is clearly doing something to differentiate herself from the other home loan consultants in Santa Barbara, CA. Her secret is a genuine interest in people. Technological innovations are great, but Diana believes they can never replace face-to-face communication.

This natural inclination allows Diana to build personal relationships that extend past what is needed for a home loan and be the top mortgage consultant in Santa Barbara. She takes the time to understand the wider context of her client’s life so she can make specific recommendations for their exact life situation. This goes beyond looking at someone’s financial situation and deciding what they can afford. Instead, Diana looks at what is important in her client’s lives and helps them decide on which home loan they need.

Further differentiating herself from the competition, Diana makes a point to be involved in every stage of the loan process from the first meeting to closing. She works closely with her excellent operations staff and assistant to review every file that goes in and out of her office. Most loan officers delegate this entire process to their staff, but Diana wants to ensure everything that comes through her business is of the utmost quality and maintains her personal touch.

Why Diana Became a Loan Officer

Diana can maintain this level of involvement in her work only because she is fueled by a genuine passion. The real estate business has always been a big part of her life, in fact, it’s in her blood. Her father was a well-respected, beloved realtor in Santa Barbara for many years and when Diana was a single mother with three children, trying to find what path to follow next, he gave her some advice. Based on his judgment, he encouraged her to become a loan officer because he saw it as the best fit for her skills.

It turned out to be perfect advice.

At every company she ever worked at she always closed the highest dollar value of loans in the company. Now, she is consistently one of the top mortgage lenders in Santa Barbara.

Her Success Now

Her reputation opens many doors for her that would be closed otherwise. She has direct access to high-level executives in the loan business, meaning that she can instantly reach the right person for answers, updates, and feedback. This streamlines her process and enables her to offer the best possible options to her clients. Her competition is left behind as they have to go through the normal channels of communication.

In addition to her incredibly successful business, Diana is also heavily involved in two other major priorities: her family and the community. Her care for the community is evident by the range of organizations and charities she involves herself with. This list includes:

She is also a continuing and long-time supporter of the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and the Santa Barbara Zoo.

As a result of her involvement and commitment to these causes and the fund-raising activities she has promoted, she was nominated and selected as a Premier Ambassador for Dona Karan’s “Women Who Inspire” campaign. A recognition only awarded to 6 other women in the US and Canada. She held that title for four years.

However, the title that Diana is most proud of is that of “Grandma.” With a husband, three married sons, seven grandchildren, and eight step-grandchildren, she has a large, busy family that she loves dearly. Nothing is more important to her than them, so when she gets a moment of free time, she spends it well by going to the family home in Lake Tahoe with them. In her other free time (which she somehow maintains) she likes to collect antiques and paint modern art with acrylics and oil.

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